Farming and Agriculture

Rose, herself, is enthusiastic about the farming industry and the taxation rules it requires. Rose and her team are passionate about the accounts and tax issues the industry has.

They are up to date with relevant knowledge and understands the issues that farmers have. Rose is a farmer’s daughter herself as well as looking after her own herd of cattle on her farm.

Farming is capital intensive business, with often very significant investment in land, livestock and machinery. Most of our family business are going through a cycle of growth, consolidation, and succession.

At every stage of the journey we can help you achieve your objectives whilst minimising your tax burden and keeping things as simple as possible.

Rose Rowland and Co ensures that businesses are tax compliant and mitigate tax where possible through farmers averaging claims, herd basis elections, basic payment scheme or change in year ends.

Inheritance Tax rules are becoming more complex and require specialist knowledge of the industry issues. We can advise in diversification issues and the effects on inheritance tax rules and agricultural property relief.

And because we understand that your business and home lives are inevitably linked, we’ll also offer advice on a range of personal tax and wealth management issues.

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