Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness

Rose Rowland and Co has 15 years’ experience in agricultural expert witness work related to accountancy matters.

We can act for a wide variety of cases:

  • Reports on consequential losses arising from a variety of events from business disruption and professional negligence
  • Loss of earnings on an agricultural related businesses and the potential future earnings reports
  • Partnership disputes
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Personal injury claims involving the employed and self employed
  • Taxation implications on any of the above

Rose Rowland and Co are able to prepare the necessary reports required.

We can work as an Independent Joint Single Expert or Party Expert, Expert Adviser and Expert Determiner for use at Public Enquiry, Arbitration, the Land Tribunal and the Court.

Rose Rowland and Co are registered members of Forensic and Expert Witness Group with Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales.

All member of professional staff working in this area attend regular training courses to ensure their professional knowledge is kept up to date as legislation and best practice changes.